I am a graduate student in the Economics Department of the University of Washington, expecting to obtain my doctorate in 2019. 

My research focuses on information as a source of transaction costs in economic activities. Throughout my doctoral studies, I have focused on the property rights approach to Economics, under the guidance of Yoram Barzel and others. When developing models, we attempt to obtain refutable implications that allow us to keep or discard hypotheses about how markets emerge and organize. 

I will be available for interviews at AEA meetings in Atlanta in January 2019. 


Microeconomic Theory, Applied Microeconomics, Transaction Costs, Contracts, Property Rights, Information Economics, Industrial Organization, Structural Econometrics.

Contact information

Address: Department of Economics · University of Washington · 305 Savery Hall, Box 353330 · Seattle, WA 98195-3330

Email: asteb@uw.edu

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